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Midlake Won't Just "Change For The Sake Of Changing." But It Will Change.

The early word from those who've heard the upcoming Midlake record is that the band's found a new sound for The Courage of Others.

According to a note from Pitchfork this morning, the disc is less a '70s radio rock sound like the band's last effort, The Trials of Van Occupanther, and instead delves into more "lush, haunted folk music territory."

For some, this might be cause for some pause. But as Midlake's Tim Smith tells Pitchfork in its accompanying Q&A, there's some reason to the new rhyme:

Pitchfork: Did you head into this new album with the intention of doing something different?

TS: It just evolved that way. I don't just change for the sake of changing; I'm really never satisfied with where we're at. I'm satisfied with this album, but I already know that the next time we're going to do better. So it's not a matter of needing to change to find a different sound so that people will think we're evolving as a band. I don't care about that. I just wasn't happy anymore. As much as I love "Roscoe", I just didn't want a whole other album of "Roscoe". It just happened because of what we were listening to at the time; your tastes just change.
Read the whole interview here.

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