Midlake's New, Limited Edition Vinyl EP Earns Release Today, Available at Forever Young and Good Records

Midlake's new,two-song, 12'', 45 rpm release, Acts of Man, which features two songs off the bands upcoming full-length release The Courage of Others ("Acts of Man" and "Rulers, Ruling All Things"), earned its release today.

And though the release is available for online purchase--via insound.com, recordstore.co.uk and boomkat.com--it's only available at a handful of brick-and-mortarts around the U.S. Two of those stores, for obvious, yet thankful, reasons, are located right here in DFW. They are: Grand Prairie's Forever Young Records and Dallas' own Good Records.

The fine folks at Good tell us they've "quite a few" copies of the disc, which are being sold for $8.99 a piece. Over at Forever Young, however, the discs are not yet priced or on display.

"They're probably still in the warehouse," a Forever Young clerk tells DC9. "We'll probably set them out at 4 or 5 o'clock."

So there you have it. Oh, and also? Just so you guys know? Tonight's the fifth night of Chanukkah. Just figured I'd point that out. No reason in particular...


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