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Mikal Cronin at Dada, 6/26/13: Review

Have you ever been to a gig in Deep Ellum on a weeknight that started in the daylight? It's a very disconcerting experience. The sunlight spilling in through the high windows illuminates even the furthest dusty corner of this venerable venue, simultaneously casting attractive evening shadows and lighting up things that were never meant to be seen by the human eye.

This was the problem local openers The Chloes faced, going on at around 8:30, and they tackled it with no little gusto, putting on a slinky evening show even under the glare of an unfamiliar Dada. The all-girl group showed they have no time for conceits like genre in a set that spanned punk, stoner rock, and at one point a passable impression of the Bangles on vacation in the Carribean. A local oddity that are well worth taking in at some point if only to marvel at set-closer "Put That Dick Away," you can catch April and her gang of bubble-machine wielding ladies at Lola's next month.

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Gavin Cleaver
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