Mike Ryan Offers Up A Cold One From His New Album, Night Comes Falling

Metroplex resident and country singer-songwriter Mike Ryan has been hitting the bars and college towns of Texas for the past couple of years really hard. Now, he has a shiny new gem to add to his merch table, as his gigs are attracting more people than ever before.

Night Comes Falling, Ryan's follow up to his 2010 EP, The First One, was released a couple of weeks ago and is a promising collection of solid country tunes with a rock edge. Ryan possesses one of those voices that can get gritty while retaining melody. A lot of youngsters try that, but few nail it in the manner Ryan does.

In fact, Ryan and the folks at Smith Entertainment were kind enough to let us sample "The Cold One." Don't be fooled by the title, though. This isn't just another Shiner-loving, ode to the frio. Enjoy.

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