Miles Fisher Admits He Uses Viral Music Videos to Score Movie Roles. Thing Is, It's Working.

Last week we posted the music video for the Dallas-born and raised actor/musician Miles Fisher's new song "New Romance." The video, a spoof on '90s television hit Saved By The Bell, coincided with the release of Final Destination 5, a film in which Fisher stars.

As such, he was able to get most of the film's cast to star in the video, which used gruesome and hilarious deaths to blend both the aesthetic of the revered show and the plot of latest in the long-running movie franchise. Fisher, without irony, refers to the video as "a family-friendly, happy thing" compared to his first sexually charged video, a cover of The Talking Heads song "This Music Be The Place," which spoofed American Psycho.

When Fisher came up with the concept of the video for "New Romance," he didn't set out to use it as a direct promotion for the film -- although he seems quite happy with the notion that it could boost ticket sales.

He does, however, see his music and the videos that accompany them as a way to boost his own personal brand. And, in doing so, he's been able to land parts without having to deal with scary casting directors. More importantly, he's gaining fans.

"The business that I'm in, trying to get more established roles in film and television, you show that the people find this worth their time, worth watching, and they become fans," says Fisher. "It's kind of a more pure and efficient way of creating a fanbase."

Better yet, it seems to be working. Fisher's role in Final Destination 5 is his biggest yet, and the significant part he scored working along side Leonardo DiCaprio in Clint Eastwood's forthcoming film J. Edgar isn't too shabby either.Now that "New Romance" is his most watched video to date (as of this writing, it's been viewed more than 500,000 times), it's safe to say that he's gone viral, too.

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"I like to define a viral video, not by when everyone's seen the video, but [by] when most people have seen it more than once," Fisher says. 

And while he says that music is his true passion, and that it sometimes has to take a back seat to his acting career, the two, clearly, work hand-in-hand rather well. Fisher has even teamed up with Rooney frontman Robert Schwartzman to write a batch of songs -- including a slew of upcoming ones that will similarly be accompanied by a video eventually. 

"I hope to [release a full album] down the line," he says. "But it's not on the immediate horizon. I'm in so little control of my own schedule when it comes to films and auditioning and being available."

In the meantime, Fisher says he's going to continue releasing videos. His next one, set to come out in September, will feature Phoebe Tonkin, star of CW Network's new fall show The Secret Circle.

But, talking to Fisher, you get the feeling that he might not ever get around to releasing a record. The self-proclaimed internet junkie seems to love the idea of each of his songs going viral on the web.

 "What I'm really drawn to at the moment are really cool music videos that are unlike the majority of music videos that are out there," Fisher says. "I want to create visual pop singles."

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