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More On Wilco Not Playing The Cavern..

Fools! All of you!

So, remember on Friday when we told you all about how Wilco maybe did, but then definitely didn't play The Cavern two weeks ago?

Well, now comes this in our inbox, courtesy of Lucas Ross, the proprietor of the blog Hypeful.com, which spread the faux story.

"Sorry for the confusion about Wilco playing a secret show at The Cavern last weekend," Ross writes. "Apparently my buddies cooked up the faux-story idea during a booze-soaked Memorial Day weekend as retribution for me spending the holiday in OKC."

(For the non-acronym-loving set out, there, OKC is Oklahoma City. We think.)

"Cruel, huh?" he continues. "I was left out of the punch-line until after the story went up, which is why I subsequently took it down...Sorry for inciting any mini-panic attacks, but I definitely empathize with you. (The BBQ I attended seemed less fun when I thought I was missing out on hearing Jeff Tweedy cover 'No Cars Go.')"

Now, the post's back up, with a little more clarification. And a pre-post apology. Read it all after the jump.

"If you caught last week’s review of Black Shampoo (a.k.a. Wilco) playing at The Cavern in Dallas, I am sure some of you will be relieved to hear that the unreal-sounding gig was just that--a piece of pure concert fan-fiction (the first of its genre?) courtesy of Hypeful contributor Nico intended not to defraud, but to entertain. I didn’t realize the review was intended as a joke until after it went up and despite having 'removed' it from the site, the post apparantly lives on courtesy of Google Cache. (A ghost is born!) Despite being up for a limited time, this completely unintended hoax may’ve accidentally fooled more people than Hypeful’s April Fools gag about Sufjan converting to Scientology.

Anyhoo, I hope this clears things up and apologize for the confusion. For those of you who missed the faux-review or for those who are just looking for some hot Tweedy fanfic, I’m going to save the post from Google Cache purgatory and re-post the full thing..."

We here at DC9 take total credit for the "Google Cache purgatory" line inspiration, by the way. --Pete Freedman

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