More Trouble in Denton County Proper: Here We Go Magic, Eleanor Friedberger Shows Canceled

It looks like the trouble with Matthew Gray's Denton County Proper that we mentioned just days ago was only the beginning. It seems that Gray, the lead singer of the critically acclaimed Denton band, Matthew And The Arrogant Sea, and the owner of Denton County Proper, the recent upstart booking and promotional company, is canceling shows just as fast as he booked them.

Yesterday evening, New York's Here We Go Magic, who were set to play a highly anticipated show at Hailey's Club in Denton this Saturday, November 5, announced on their Facebook wall that the show is canceled. Denton County Proper was putting on the show. Here's what the band wrote:

DENTON/DFW fans, bummed and VERY SORRY to say that we will no longer be playing at Hailey's on Nov 5. This is due to issues beyond our control, and please know that we will be back to Dallas and/or Denton as soon as possible!!! Much love to all!

The cancelation comes as a shock as Gray, on Monday, promised the show would go on. DC9 At Night reached out to Jim Romeo, the band's booking agent, to find out more about the cancellation, to which he responded, "It's been canceled for the same reasons Matthew Gray's other shows have been canceled." Romeo added, "I was told by Eleanor [Friedberger]'s agent that her show [at Andy's Bar on November 11] is canceled. Also, after talking with the agents for Low [and] Akron Family, who were supposed to do a date in February of 2012, I know they are not moving forward with those shows."

Hailey's Club owner, Jerry Taylor, offered some insight as to why the John Oates show also scheduled for this weekend at Hailey's was cancelled. He received a phone call last Friday from one of Oates' representatives looking for payment. "He was supposed to remiss half of his booking fee back in August," Taylor says he was told. "'We haven't got it.'" Seems that unpaid guarantees to bands are at the root of the problem.

Emails and phone calls to Gray have gone unreturned at press time, but his band has already publicly addressed the matter.

Gray's own band is distancing themselves from him. A recent post on their


wall says:

Message To Our Fans And Business Associates 

Denton, TX - November 1, 2011 - To our friends and fans, venues, booking agents, and Denton-dwellers, it has come to our attention the recent events involving Matthew Gray and Denton County Proper. Please be advised that the band, Matthew & The Arrogant Sea, has no affiliation with Denton County Proper. We hope that these recent events have not tarnished our name or in any way implicated our involvement with DCP, as Matthew Gray acted independently from the band. We love Denton and hope you love us for our music. We will continue to serve our fans and call Denton home. 

Thank you.

Sincerely, Matthew & The Arrogant Sea

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