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Music-Related Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is nigh upon us--and c'mon, you can do better than some crappy (and sappy) card. It's time to give your mom a gift that reflects how you really feel about her.

Now, she may not enjoy the following music-related gift ideas, but make sure you throw that gift receipt into the package before you wrap it, as some of these ain't cheap--so even the most shallow moms should approve. But if you're like me, and you happen to have a cool mom? Well, these gift ideas will have Mommy Dearest smiling from ear to ear...

Ministry's Adios...Putas Madres
Don't be a cheapskate and opt for the single-disc, inferior version of Ministry's final release. This two-DVD set has a better song selection and a cool bonus documentary of the band's last tour. Seeing that it doesn't come out until May 26, you may have to go with an amazon.com gift card. But, either way, Adios is a fitting tribute to a transcendent band. By the time Al Jourgensen and crew make it to prime examples of industrial noise such as "New World Order" and "Thieves," their influence and significance are crystal clear.

Colin Linden's The Columbia Years
This box set just reminds me of my mother: It's sturdy, reliable and somewhat cheap. For those who may not know, Colin Linden is an accomplished singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer. The guy has played with the likes of Bruce Cockburn, Colin James, The Band, Leon Redbone, T-Bone Burnett, Ked Mo, Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris. He's released a dozen or so albums, too, nearly all of them high quality. This particular set includes When the Spirit Comes (1988), South at Eight North at Nine (1994), Through the Storm, Through the Night (1995) and Raised By Wolves (1997), all released when Linden was on, you guessed it, Columbia Records. Mothers who are fans of The Band and Little Feet should find Linden an amazing discovery.

Jon Anderson's The Mother's Day Concert
This solo set from the frontman for Yes was recorded in 2007 but just got reissued in January. Recorded at a California winery, this is, by far, the most motherly gift suggestion I can come up with. Performing such Yes standards as "I've Seen All Good People," "And You and I" and "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," Anderson is at his typically self-indulgent best in front of a well-inebriated and sufficiently tasteful crowd.

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention In the 1960's
This DVD documentary of Zappa leading what most consider his greatest collection of musicians is surprisingly low on musical performances and instead offers a lot of talking heads pontificating about the greatness of Frank. Perhaps the bits and pieces of Zappa's mind-blowing work in the '60s is all anyone's mother can handle. Even in brief excerpts, this shit ain't for the faint of heart.

So, there you go: Forgo the flowers or chocolate and give your mom the gift that keeps on giving: music.

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