Vanessa Peters has a new album and music video out.EXPAND
Vanessa Peters has a new album and music video out.
Giulia De Gregori

Exclusive Premiere of Vanessa Peters' "Carnival Barker" Music Video

Vanessa Peters is back with her new album, Foxhole Prayers. The 10-song project was recorded locally with her husband, producer and bandmate Rip Rowan, along with John Dufilho. Maestro guitarist Chris Holt (Don Henley, Bastards of Soul) added his touch to a couple of songs. As the follow-up to The Burden of Unshakeable Truth, Peters is back with a batch of tuneful songs about the world at large.

Foxhole Prayers was released last week, paired with a couple of local shows. But we have the exclusive premiere of her new video for the song "Carnival Barker."

Partially shot in Italy, where Peters and Rowan spend some of the year, Peters speaks enthusiastically about making the video.

"This was so much fun to make," she said via press release. "We started by assembling a giant collection of found footage from the '20s and '30s; it wasn't easy to find stuff in the public domain, and we really wanted to stick to that particular time period because we wanted the old-timey feel that a word like 'carnival barker' elicits. Finding the postcard of Coolidge and Harding with the 'America First' logo on it was a total coup de grace because we wanted to remind everyone that this is not our first rodeo with that kind of shtick in American politics."

As for the song itself, Peters didn't want to write something that will sound dated in a few years.

"It took me a number of rewrites to get this song exactly where I wanted it," she said. "It's hard to write something pointed but not pointy, you know? And I wanted it to be really broad and all-encompassing because while I was absolutely motivated to write it based on our current political situation, I always feel like it's important to craft something that will be relevant on a more universal level. We changed the arrangement probably five different times, and finally, when we hit on this one, we knew we had it locked in."

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