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Neon Indian Announces Release Date for New Album Era Extraña

Little bits and pieces of news regarding Neon Indian's highly anticipated forthcoming record continue to surface leading up to its release.

Yesterday, the band, fronted by Denton's own Alan Palomo, announced that the album, called Era Extraña, will be released in North America on September 13. The album, produced by Palomo, received post-production treatment from Dave Fridmann, who has some kind of indie-rock golden touch. Though, it will be interesting to hear how Fridmann's signature will shine through Neon Indian's glowing brand of chillwave.

Neon Indian's previous release, the single "Sleep Paralysist," was put out by Mountain Dew's label Green Label Sound. But this time around, Era Extraña will be released on Palomo's own imprint Static Tongues, which also released Psychic Chasms.

Up until all we've had is a video, which follows, of Palomo wandering around Helsinki, looking pensive, but mostly cold. The clip was accompanied by a song from the new record called "Heart: Attack," which we're assuming was one of the songs he was working on while in Finland.

Hat tip.

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