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Neon Indian Does "Mind, Drips" For LaundroMatinee, Pitchfork Keeps Hyping FUR

Thanks to a performance of "Deadbeat Summer" that Neon Indian offered up for LaundroMatinee.com, the band is popping up everywhere (yes, again) this afternoon. My Old Kentucky Blog first previewed the clip, which Pitchfork then went ahead and grabbed for itself, natch. Both sites, if you're interested, also have an mp3 of the band performing said song, ready for you to download.

But a little Vimeo sleuthing turns up another clip of the band, this one also recorded for the LaundroMatinee series. This one features the band performing one of Psychic Chasm's more underrated cuts, "Mind, Drips." Check it out in the embed above.

Then, I dunno, pop on over to Pitchfork to see the "Deadbeat Summer" one? It's not like the site needs the hits--but while there, you'll also be able to download a remix helmed by Denton's own FUR that the site posted this morning. FUR's Bryce Isbell turned a song from Detroit's Coyote Clean Up from "a gentle lullaby into a vaprorous banger." Or so Pitchfork says. And, for once, we agree--and highly recommend you go grab that ASAP. FUR's debut release on Waaga Records, Witches, you no doubt recall, will earn its release on February 23.

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