Neon Indian To Collaborate With Flaming Lips?

On Tuesday, Wayne Coyne posted a tweet indicating that a collaboration between his band The Flaming Lips and the similarly I-35-sprung Neon Indian was in the works -- even going so far as to post to the social networking site a link to a 46-second clip of himself playing a synth line that the two might use for a song called "To Understand You and Then Destroy You."

Tweeted Coyne:

To Understand You and Then Destroy you... Possible Neon Indian collaboration

Yesterday, Coyne elaborated to Spin about what the two disparate acts had in store -- namely, that they plan to hop into the studio soon with longtime Lips producer Dave Fridmann and work out some songs that are likely to be included in the Lips' new song-per-month release paradigm.

After the jump, Coyne tells Spin his rather straightforward plan with the Lips' Neon Indian collab.

"I have a couple of tunes that he (Fridmann)'s heard and we'll just do that shit and fix that up and fuck around together."

Odds on the fact that Neon Indian frontman Alan Palomo will get to take acid with Coyne? We're gonna put those at three-to-one. Takers?

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