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New Monsoon To Tape Tonight's Granada Gig For Upcoming Live DVD

So, New Monsoon hits the Granada tonight...is it too soon for an Ike joke? Actually, don't answer that. (Jim Anderson)

Spoke with the publicist for San Francisco-based jam band New Monsoon about two weeks ago, and she was kind enough to let us know that the band would be taping both their Dallas and Austin stops on this tour for an upcoming DVD.

So, if you're a fan of the band and you don't mind putting visual evidence of said fact out there for public consumption, you're in luck.

Actually, New Monsoon's pretty cool, as far as jam bands go. I interviewed frontman Jeff Miller about his band for one of the last pieces I wrote at my old job before moving to Dallas. You have to respect the musical integrity behind the genre--like aging white guys with ponytails who play the blues, jam band musicians are some of the few artists out there who really seem to give a shit about what they're playing. They hang on every note like it's the most special note in the world, and, as such, they truly treat the songs as organic entities.

As MIller told me in that piece I wrote, "[The songs] take on a life of their own, and they live that life every night on the stage, so every show is a different rendition of the song."

Quite the sentiment. Either that or he was totally baked when we spoke. --Pete Freedman

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