New Venue Gives Reason For Journey To Pilot Point

Pilot Point, Tioga and Aubrey teenagers who need something to do besides football games and the occasional country fair will have another option for weekend entertainment starting this Saturday.

The Journey Pilot Point, an all-ages venue at Journey Church (972 W. Walcott St.) is holding its grand opening at 8 p.m. Saturday, December 13 with a three-band show and food drive. The venue is the brainchild of Wayne Gooden, Journey pastor and father of Shapes Stars Make singer/guitarist Michael Gooden. Shapes Stars Make will play the opening show, along with The Blues And The Royals and The Rooftop Revival.

Wayne Gooden says the idea behind the venue is to give young musicians and new bands in the Pilot Point area a place to play. He hopes to have weekly shows starting January 10 with the goal of eventually having up to three shows a week. According to MySpace page of the 125-capacity venue, it offers a good sound and lighting system, a concession stand and ample parking. Shows will be inside the church, but that doesn't make it a Christian club, Gooden says.

In an email reply to a few questions, Gooden had the following to say about The Journey.

the journey meets in the church building ... we really don't want to play up "church" at all. It's not exclusively Christian at all. Our focus is to foster a place where young musicians can play and grow a fan base. It is an all age venue ... clean. No explicit lyrics, alcohol, drugs, etc. Again ... it's not a church endeavor ... it's pretty much my dream but it does exist under Journey Church, if that makes sense. We won't be preaching or singing "Kum Bah Yah." We have been getting interest from Denton and Dallas bands. For some reason Plano bands feel it is too far for their fans to go ... but I am beginning to find some local Pilot Point, Whitesboro, Aubrey bands. Of the kids that I have found ... Metal - Hardcore Rock seems to be the flavor of most of the bands.  Our goal is encourage bands to form in our immeadiate area and give them this venue as a start. Frankly, Denton is the closest thing to us and lots can't get to Denton. Our Jan. 10 show will probably have mostly Denton bands with a band out of Celina as well.

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Later on we may focus on Christian artists on Sunday nights ... but for now ... it's every body. Starting Jan. 10 we will have shows every Saturday night. Hopefully by March we will having three nights a week. At this point, being new, a lot of bands who have a fan base are skeptical about coming to a new place. Our venue is small and we are hoping to pack out our first show.

Admission to the first show is $10, with $1 going to Pilot Point food bank The Shepherd's Storehouse. --Jesse Hughey

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