NFL Announces Full Lineup of Super Bowl Music Performances

Yesterday, the final chip fell in place, as the NFL announced that Lea Michele, who plays the powerfully voiced and annoyingly chipper Rachel Berry on the FOX series Glee, has been confirmed to open the inside-Cowboys Stadium Super Bowl performances with a rendition of "America the Beautiful," before Christina Aguilera steps front-and-center for a performance of what is sure to be a lengthy rendition of the national anthem.

Michele's confirmation comes on the heels of the announcement of both Aguilera's anthem and the Black Eyed Peas' halftime performance. All three of these performances will take place inside the stadium.

But, before heading in to the game, the NFL will also host a few performances just outside the stadium as part of their Tailgate Party at the Stadium festivities. After the jump, check the full lineup of NFL-sanctioned performers at this year's Super Bowl, straight from the folks at the League.

Pregame: Keith Urban, Maroon 5 (both perform from the NFL's Tailgate Party at the Stadium)
"America the Beautiful": Lea Michele
Anthem: Christina Aguilera
Bridgestone Halftime Show: Black Eyed Peas

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