This is the sixth time someone has broken into the venue in a year and a half.
This is the sixth time someone has broken into the venue in a year and a half.
courtesy The Dirty 30

Dallas Music Venue The Dirty 30 Hosts Benefit Show To Help With Losses From Its Sixth Break-In

Dallas venue The Dirty 30 had a break-in May 7 for the sixth time in a year and a half. Someone used a crowbar to open the door, broke the windows and took about $850 worth of alcohol.

Although the club’s security alarms have sounded for all of the break-ins, club manager Nick Womack says the the police have never responded sooner than an hour and a half after an incident.

“Each time, they steal probably upwards to $500 to $800 worth of liquor,” he says.

The club will host a benefit show June 9 to help raise money for new window panes and a security camera.

Womack says it will be a mixed genre lineup to show the diversity of the club. On the bill so far are local acts Offended By Everything, Dispositions, A Sounding Sea and more.

“It’s people that play the club often, love it and want to help out, so we’re very thankful to all the bands we do get to play,” he says. “They’re going to donate their time and music, and hopefully it will be packed out.”

The club owners do not believe anyone with ties to the club is responsible, he says.

“The club owners think that it’s probably homeless people," Womack says. "There are a collective of them around downtown Dallas, and maybe they just tried it once and realized that, ‘Oh hey, we didn’t get caught,’ and five times later, they’re still not getting caught. That’s our best guess.”

Womack says he is not sure if The Dirty 30 will be able to keep its doors open if the break-ins continue.

The venue opened in the fall of 2016 with a partnership of owner Jennifer Jones, Cameron Taylor of Dallas band Secret of Boris and Rustin Luther of Tomcats West in Fort Worth.

“Rustin unfortunately passed away recently, and that was his dream was to have this venue,” Womack says. “I know that a lot of people are coming out solely on the fact that Rustin was the one that brought this together, and no one wants to see his dream fizzle away because of something as silly as people breaking in."

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