Cokie the Clown cover art.
Cokie the Clown cover art.

NOFX Offers Up Limited 7" Pressing To Raise Money For Injured Riverboat Gambler Guitarist

Last week, we passed along the sad news of Riverboat Gamblers guitarist Ian MacDougall being hospitalized after getting struck by a car while bicycling home from work. We even pointed you in the direction of how to make donations to the mounting hospital bills cause.

Then NOFX had to go and one-up us.

To further help raise cash for Ian, the band has put up a test pressing of its upcoming Cokie the Clown 7-inch vinyl release. Finished copies of the 7-inch won't be available to the public until November 24, but, for one lucky NOFX fan willing to come to the Gamblers' aid, this pressing will be shipped at the end of the week, when the auctioning of it comes to an end. Not a bad deal.

Even better, it's already appearing to do some good: With just over 6 days and 22 hours remaining in the auction process, the current bid on the test pressing is sitting at $315.00.

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