Not Too Distant (but definitely odd) Gig Alert: Vanilla Ice, Mad Mexicans at Trees September 19th

The recently reopened Trees continues its rather unusual booking practices with the unlikely pairing of Vanilla Ice and Arlington's Mad Mexicans to occur on Saturday, September 19th.

Not that I have anything against either act. Yes, I know that Robert Matthew Van Winkle (aka Vanilla Ice) causes most music critics to snicker cynically, but at one time, the local kid was on top of the music world and when he gets around to "Ice Ice Baby" I promise folks will be jumping around and acting like idiots.

Now the Mad Mexicans are a different beast all together. You may remember a few months back when I reviewed the band's most recent EP. These guys mix some surreal Latin grooves with a riff hefty dose of power metal to create one of the most unique sounds in the area.

Taken together, this is either one of the most unique pairings in recent memory or just the management of Trees playing Russian roulette with its booking policy. Either way, I'll be there like an ambulance chaser at the scene of a multi-car pile up.

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