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NPR Digs the Way True Widow's New "Four Teeth" Crunches

Earlier this year, we could barely contain our excitement over the news that Dallas' favorite Stone-gazing trio, True Widow, had signed to the well-regarded label Relapse Records. Sure, it was cool that DH Phillips, Nicole Estill and drummer Slim TX landed on yet another legit label (they had previously recorded for Kemado Records), but that announcement ultimately meant that new music from the trio was on its way, sooner than later.

The time of fresh, ethereal-sludge is upon us. Circumambulation will be released on July 23rd in CD, MP3 and LP formats, and a few days ago, the band announced on their Facebook page the single from the album, "HW:R" is available on Spotify and iTunes.

NPR's All Songs Considered blog decided to add to all of the pre-release excitement on Wednesday by introducing another new tune, "Four Teeth." This isn't the first time the trio has been written of favorably by the publicly-funded folks, but it's certainly note-worthy, given how the NPR scribe, Lars Gotrich, gushes on how the new tune is "actually perfect music for hiking -- tough and determined, yet as hypnotic as the rhythmic crunch of dead leaves beneath your feet."

It's likely this is merely the beginning of hosannas for True Widow's upcoming offering.

Oh, while we're on the subject of North Texas-NPR love, another local band of doom, Pinkish Black were on the receiving end of some fanboy-conversation earlier this week when the hosts of the All Songs Considered radio show praised the non-guitar metal title track from the group's forthcoming album Razed to the Ground. So, it seems that cold gloom might just be the sound of summer here in Dallas-Ft. Worth.

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