Octopus Project, This Will Destroy You, Ume

The Granada showcases a trio of excellent Texas bands that bring shoe-gazing—leavened with fun—to the stage for a promising Saturday night.

Opening is Ume, an alt-rock power trio fronted by dynamic Laura Larsen on guitars and vocals that reminds of a cross between Autolux and Silversun Pickups but with less fuzz and sampling (and more girly vocals) played after a Vincent Vega-delivered shot of adrenaline to the heart. Very. High. Energy. Earlier this year Ume was showcased by Spin as one of seven unknown bands from around the world that you should hear.

Following Ume is This Will Destroy You, the rising post-rock instrumental band formed in San Marcos but with Dallas roots. With music that swells and retreats—not unlike Explosions in the Sky—TWDY has staged several great shows in the area recently and left audiences stunned and content.

Finally, headliner Octopus Project is joyful and quirky indie-electronica at some of its best. Four multi-instrumentalists combine digital and analog instruments (including the theremin) in a form that is danceable but not dance-y, upbeat but not frenetic, and thoughtful but not brooding. Get to this one early.

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Doug Davis

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