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Oh My God, Tonight? Oh My God, Guys. Oh My God.

Chicago’s interestingly titled, progressive pop trio, Oh My God, hits Hailey’s in Denton tonight for a show that also features Denton garage rockers We Are Villains.

But it’s something of a miracle that Billy O’Neill and the rest of Oh My God are even making it to Texas. The act was involved in a severe car accident in September of last year. Read what the band wrote on its website after the incident after the jump.

We are so sad to report that a terrible, head-on collision in Ohio (someone crossed way over the center line and hit us straight on) has left me typing this with my left hand only, and has forced us to cancel the rest of our fall tour. We have among us serious knee, wrist, back, finger and nose fractures. Everyone in the band is alive, and if you'd witnessed this crash you'd be surprised about that. So we are thankful for that.

Now, it would appear that the members of Oh My God have healed enough to make their way to North Texas. They've been jokingly referring to themselves as a metal band since the medical treatment included plates and screws inserted in each and every member, but hopefully nothing will get in the way of Oh My God’s over-the-top musicality.

Comparisons to such legendary oddballs as Frank Zappa, Pere Ubu and Devo are pretty spot on, and the band’s most recent effort, Fools Want Noise, may well be its most potent collection of keyboard drenched wackiness.

Music this arty and thoughtful can only come from truly inspired minds. But it's a good thing the act is back to traveling by car; it'd be quite the sight seeing these guys going through an airport metal detector. --Darryl Smyers

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