If fans want anything from their OK Go, it's not maturity. Up to now, their music was as fun to listen to as it was to watch, like in music videos where the guys perform synchronized dance steps to their rock songs. Heck, this is the band that wrote "C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips," the kind of fare you'd expect from a talent show scene on Nickelodeon. Maturity implies seriousness, pretentiousness... bor-ing. While OK Go's songwriting certainly has matured since their 2002 self-titled major label debut, they're still full of energy and orneriness--rocking tongue-in-cheek and fist-in-air now. Oh No is less poppy, less quirky, but just as finding-yourself-humming-them-in-the-shower catchy with a great mix of smart and smart-ass. The songs are sexier, fiercer and more diverse, and the production retains the energy of OK Go's live shows--an elusive feat for most bands. Oh No is a raucous road trip that only rests long enough for "Let It Rain," a mostly nonsensical ballad as sexy as those dance moves they show off in the new video for "A Million Ways." For OK Go, growing up doesn't mean giving up those Travolta hip shakes; it's just proof that smarter folks can have fun, too.
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Shannon Sutlief