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Over the Weekend: Harlem, Flight and PVC Street Gang at the City Tavern

Harlem, Flight, PVC Street Gang
May 15, 2010
City Tavern

Better Than:
Hangin' with the dudes.

Before PVC Street Gang, Flight and Harlem took the stage Saturday night, there was the issue of parking. If you didn't know before, City Tavern sits quietly amidst the douchebag capital of Dallas--next to Plush, Skye Bar, and some hellmouth funnel of traffic that rivals Times Square's ESPN Zone.

So, there were a lot of "bros" trickling in. Thanks to the hellmouth traffic, I missed the shit out of PVC Street Gang, and arrived at the Tavern in time for the total sausage fest.

Seriously, the ratio of dudes to women was 10 to 0.


Flight, who hails from Mississippi, was loud and animalistic enough for a friend to say, "Do they really have three guitars?"

Observation confirmed: Flight boasts no less then three guitars, and certainly no bass. Just three guitars and drums, though the guy next to me stomping the floor in cowboy boots might have provided sufficient bass sounds to fill in the gaps.

Totally awesome, dude.

Harlem closed the night down with the last performance of their current tour.

Unlike Flight, Harlem has the guitar, bass, and absolutely massive kick drum set up, which they rotated: Michael Coomer, aka "Coomers," and Curtis O'Mara frequently switched between drums and guitar.

Tracks like "Witch Greens" (from Free Drugs!) and Hippes "Someday Soon" were the highlights, sounding way brighter and more kick ass than their SXSW set in March.

The crowd was so into it, they brought the band back for a quick encore. It was a performance worthy of bringing the dudes out from the man cave.

Critic's notebook
Random Note: The reason the above picture is blurry is because the guy next to me was stomping the floor with his boots, enough to feel like an earthquake.

Also: I wore sandals to this show. My apologies to Pete Freedman.

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