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Over the Weekend: The Octopus Project, This Will Destroy You and Ume at the Granada Theater

The Octopus Project,This Will Destroy You, Ume
Granada Theater
May 23, 2009

Better Than:
Watching three exuberant non-Texas bands trying to have some fun on a Saturday night

Three Texas bands delivered well-crafted, wildly diverse music to an appreciative audience at the Granada on Saturday night.

Opener Ume provided a tight set of riff-driven power rock. Guitarist/vocalist Lauren Larsen tossed off complex riffs with amazing fluidness--although, for too much of the set, her amazing riffs and vocals were lost in the sound mix.

Larsen's one of those guitarists for whom the instrument is a seemingly natural extension of her body; she plays with a combination of ferocity and ease.

Following Ume was This Will Destroy You, whose epic post-rock songs were dense, swelling and as thunderous as a spring storm in Texas. This band continually improves, and Saturday's performance was mesmerizing. 

The evening closed with a completely different take on indie instrumental rock--this one bouncy fun--delivered by Octopus Project.

The quartet of multi-instrumentalists seemed determined for everyone to have fun. And how can you not smile, watching band member Yvonne Lambert do her magic on a Theremin? It helped, of course that, accompanying the music, was a zany visual show.

Three excellent bands, three musical styles, one great night.

Critic's Notebook:
Random Note:
There's more to Ume's Larsen than than guitar chops: She's close to earning her Ph.D in sociology, although she's temporarily shelved her studies to focus on music.

Check out more photos from the show in our slideshow.

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