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Parade Of Flesh, CEX And Ecstatic Sunshine Try To ‘Peg’ Kettle Date

The maybe-show's poster.

The promoter behind Parade of Flesh was all set to bring Baltimore’s Ecstatic Sunshine and CEX, to Kettle Art Gallery in Dallas next Saturday night, but it looks like there's been some confusion.

The Myspace page schedules for both Ecstatic Sunshine and Cex show the gig as happening on Monday. Instead, they're playing another show on Saturday night. In Lubbock.

Hopefully this will all get sorted out by the weekend, because it sounds like a great lineup. If you need a genre to tag on Ecstatic Sunshine, post-rock would do. They create pretty ambient instrumentals by manipulating guitar riffs; a recently added third member adds samples and other electronic textures. Mom fans would probably dig it.

Cex’s music has varied from ambient techno to jokey hip-hop to darker material. But according to Parade of Flesh, the set at the Kettle will consist entirely of Steely Dan samples. Take pills and head to Kettle, whichever night it turns out to be.

Alan Palomo, formerly of Ghosthustler, will DJ with Schwa between sets. --Jesse Hughey

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