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Parade Of Flesh Completes Its Impressive Bro Fest Lineup With The Soft Pack, Others


t was just over a month ago now that John Iskander  of Parade of Flesh announced the initial lineup for his booking company's 2010 version of his Bro Fest (formerly South by South Flesh). Well, this week, Iskander passes along word of the now-completed lineup, which has balooned out to become a 17-band bill, including the likes of The Soft Pack, Dum Dum Girls, Those Darlins, Sleepy Sun and Woven Bones.

And the March 21 show at the Double Wide's a pretty cheap take, too, at just $13 a ticket. If nothing else, it's less than a buck a band.

Thing is, we're not talking also-rans here: With a pretty damn catchy, new, self-titled album out today and a February 12 performance scheduled for Letterman, San Diego's The Soft Pack (formerly called The Muslims) looks primed to be among the buzzier bands at this year's SXSW. And, at least in this band's case, even though we're catching the band on its way out of Austin, it's a pretty safe bet to assume they won't be tired: This past weekend, to promote new disc, the band played 10 shows in one day across Southern California. Which is pretty much the coolest thing I've heard yet in 2010.

Oh, and lookie here: Tickets are on sale now. Go get some.

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