Paste Names Denton The "Best Music Scene Of 2008"

Take this with a grain of salt, Denton, as the magazine also lists She & Him's Volume One as the album of the year (sure, Zooey Deschanel's a looker, but is the album really that good?), but congratulations are in order:

Paste magazine's December issue hit the stands this week with its year-end wrap-up package in tow and, right there, as a 2/3 page sidebar, just before the She & Him feature, the magazine goes ahead and names Denton as the tops music scene around in 2008, name-checking a whole buncha bands along the way.

How 'bout that!

After the jump, a scan of the piece, as its not yet posted to the magazine's site yet. And, in case you were wondering, yep, it was written by our own former North of the Dial columnist, Dave Sims, who I guess is pretty much stealing his own thunder with this little piece.

Oh, and keep an eye out for when the piece gets posted online, as the mag promises to get into some more description of some other worthwhile Denton acts once it gets put up.

(Just don't let this all go to your head, OK, Denton? Seriously, though: Congrats.) --Pete Freedman

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