Paul McCartney's Austin Show will Sell Out Instantly. "Get In Line" Right Now.

Final update, I swear: They've added a second Austin show on May 23rd. It's also on sale right now.

Update, 4/12: The sale for Paul McCartney tickets starts in half an hour, but you can "get in line" at the Texas Box Office site right now. You should do that, if you want to go.

Update, 4/9: Well, the presale has come and gone, and the scalpers continue to be better at typing captchas than you. There are currently 881 tickets for the show listed on StubHub, and they range from $99 to $2,743, or roughly double to ten times the face value. But McCartney also announced some more US shows today, including one in Tulsa a week after the Austin show. So hopefully some of those jackasses will be sitting on a bunch of tickets no one will buy. Regular sale is Friday, remember.

Original post follows...

Paul McCartney's 2013 tour dates are arriving. In keeping with his recent past, there are precious few US stops planned -- one of them is his first ever Austin show, to take place at the Frank Erwin Center on May 22. He's only got three other dates scheduled in this country -- one in Boston, one in DC and one in Memphis. The first of those to go on sale was the Boston show. It sold out in five minutes on Friday morning. So if you want to see the greatest Beatle live, we strongly, strongly recommend being at your computer, trigger finger ready, on April 12. But there are also some ways to get a jump on things:


There's a presale tomorrow (April 9) at 9 a.m. CST. In order to get access to the presale, you have to register for the McCartney mailing list, which you can do here. You have to register by 6 a.m. tomorrow in order to be eligible for the presale.

But only a small percentage of tickets will be available through the presale, so you'll be constrained by price/quality of the seats (before fees, they range from $49 to $277).

Important general on sale note:

You can buy the tickets at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 12 through Texas Box Office, which is the exclusive broker of Frank Erwin Center tickets. This is valuable information, because LiveNation also has an on-sale link on its page. Don't use it, because all it does is redirect you to Texas Box Office, and you do not have time to be making extra clicks on Friday morning. Here's the link as it stands now:

Paul McCartney in Austin: Tickets through Texas Box Office

It's crazy expensive for tickets and kind of a hassle to get to Austin, I realize. But he puts on a hell of a show. He plays forever, he plays the songs you wanted to hear and he still sounds great.

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