Pedestrian Playlist: What Does Cowboys Stadium Architect Ralph Hawkins Listen To?

Welcome to a new recurring feature here on DC9 where we talk to people of interest in the metroplex about their taste in music, including likes, dislikes, and guilty pleasures. We're calling it Pedestrian Playlist -- because, hey, everyone listens to music.

From Philadelphia to the Philippines, Dallas has made a name for itself (other than JR Ewing's name, that is) on the world stage with the behemoth that is the Cowboys Stadium. And the metroplex can thank local architecture firm HKS for building the stadium big enough to fill the egos of the Jerry Jones, Manny Pacquiao and Paul McCartney alike.

As a result of this enormous influence that HKS has in the area, we thought it would be interesting to see what kind of music pleases the mind of its go-to architect. So we asked the CEO of HKS, Ralph Hawkins, to give us his Pedestrian Playlist.

Needless to say, the guy has a diverse taste in music that spans many generations and genres, from jazz to pop to country to rock to even some psychedelic rock. And, hey, if you listen to his playlist, maybe you too could be inspired to build a stadium... but probably not.

See and listen to Hawkins' playlist -- and his accompanying commentary -- after the jump!





Low Spark of the High Heel Boys

"Great fusion of jazz and rock... reminds me of just starting in the profession"

The Beatles | Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

"One of the first and best theme albums in the '60s."

Steely Dan  | "Hey Nineteen"

"Great lyrics about a time long ago... the '70s."

Pink Floyd | "Wish You Were Here"

"Haunting song about a band member that died."

Rolling Stones | "Honky Tonk Women"

"It was the '70s and the time of a lot of wild women on the college scene."

Least Favorite

Grand Funk Railroad

| Any Album

"Not a very talented band, they need to get closer to their home."

Guilty Pleasure

Joni Mitchell

| "River"

"A wonderful Christmas song about getting away."

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