Pete Yorn, Ben Kweller

Musicforthemorningafter, the recently reissued debut effort from singer-songwriter Pete Yorn, still sounds as fresh today as it did a decade ago.

Even Yorn himself thinks so: "That record was a blessing, straight-up," he says. "It was a great way to launch my career."

Problem is, once a career is started in such a strong way, the expectations are high for each successive release. Yet Yorn claims he was never too worried about that: "That's just the nature of everything you do," he says. "Everything else is going to be compared to that first record. To me, the individual records are just part of a bigger fabric."

Part of that fabric is Yorn's self-titled effort that came out last year. Produced by Frank Black, the album was less cohesive than previous efforts, but songs such as "Precious Stones" and a nice take on Gram Parsons' "Wheels" proved Yorn is still capable of reaching the heights of his initial recordings.

Perhaps too good-looking for his own good, Yorn comes across like Paul Westerberg's hot little brother; hell, the guy even made a decent record with Scarlett Johansson, for God's sake. Even if Yorn still finds it hard living up to that first record, he continues making music that carries weight.

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Darryl Smyers
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