Phoenix Project Lets You Listen To Improv Lottery Recordings, Then Walk Like A Zombie

The DIY space Phoenix Project has a busy weekend, with Saturday's lineup of Big Fiction, Muhammadali, Leg Sweeper and The Sleepies followed by Sunday's show with Dysrhythmia, Four Days To Burn, Waste Burai and Baring Teeth.

But the capper is an early Halloween treat Sunday afternoon: a Zombie Walk from the Fair Park-area venue to Deep Ellum and back before the Dysrhythmia show.

Note: This is not to be confused with the Deep Ellum Zombie Crawl two weeks later.

As detailed on the poster, participants should come to the Phoenix Project (406 S. Haskell Ave.) dressed as a zombie at 2 p.m. for make-up, which will be provided. The walk will depart at 4 p.m.

And if you need to bring some headphone fodder to put you in a stupefied and addled zombie state of mind, may I suggest any of the four excellent tracks recorded by Michael Chamy at the Project's September 26 Improv Lottery? Description of the event, personnel information and a link to download are after the jump.

The Improv Lottery was something like the Rock Lottery substituting rock musicians with improv/experimental musicians, but with one major exception: In true improv spirit, there was no time alloted to work out arrangements.

Chamy recorded the four-group event. Download here.

Lineup information, courtesy Aaron Gonzalez:

Ensemble 1
Mark Church-electronics, toys, samples
Aaron Gonzalez-bass, vocals
Stephen Lucas-keyboard
Kenny Withrow-guitar, electronics

Ensemble 2
Sarah Alexander-vocals, percussion, electronics
Richard Blake-bass guitar
Kim Corbet-vocals, keyboards, electronics, percussion
Brandon Young-drums, percussion, electronics

Ensemble 3
Gerard Bendiks-drums, percussion
Nevada Hill-violin, electronics
Mike Maxwell-electronics, harmonica, vocals
Lewis Sutton-tenor sax

Ensemble 4
Phil Brewer-trumpet
Nick Cabrera-clarinet, percussion, electronics
Michael Chamy-keyboards, electronics
Stefan Gonzalez-drums
Jim Lenhart-soprano and tenor sax

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.