Picture Show: BRO FEST Says Screw SXSW At Club Dada

And then there was BRO FEST.

For those who had SXSW hangovers that were too sharp, or got stuck in the biblical nightmare that was traffic on I-35 (where are you Third Man Records truck?), Parade of Flesh's 2011 BRO FEST boasted, as Daniel Hopkins mentioned in this week's print, its most exciting lineup yet.

Starting at 1 p.m. at Club Dada with Grooms and featuring range of bands such as DOM, Castanets, Fang Island, Funeral Pyre, JEFF the Brotherhood, The Greenhornes and others, BRO FEST was an important show.

Last year, you'll remember, it was damn cold and jam-packed at the Double Wide. This year's open-space, post-supermoon-washed Dada venue was sounding good, and the bands brought an excited crowd close to the stage. A great night, no doubt.

And there was pit moshing. Wild, arm-flailing moshing.

Local music promoter Gorilla Groove was our special guest photographer of the night, capturing shots of the night's outdoor and indoor showcase (after the jump). Dive in.

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