Picture Show: The O's and Chris Holt at AT&T PAC's Patio Sessions

The reflecting pool in front of AT&T Performing Arts Center is fun to wade in when it's hot outside. We've learned this over the course of our Patio Sessions, which came to a close last night with performances from The O's and Chris Holt.

You see, at past Patio Sessions, kids have taken the  opportunity to splash around and beat the heat. This week, though, ATTPAC employees took advantage of the built-in cooling off station and set up the bands right in front of the pool. Good idea.

Singer-songwriter and Cosmic Joke frontman Chris Holt opened the show with his unique brand of introspective country-folk. Local favorites The O's were up next, playing a rollicking acoustic bluegrass set while kids and parents tossed beach balls back and forth in the pool.

These Patio Sessions have proven themselves to be a very family-friendly event. A concert featuring awesome local acts that doesn't require a babysitter or late hours is a precious thing, after all.

Let's do it again sometime, yeah? For now, live in the past and check out some choice images from Thursday's Patio Sessions featuring Chris Holt and The O's.

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