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Pitchfork On Neon Indian: "Best New Music"

Probably should've seen this coming: Today, Pitchfork honored Neon Indian with its much-sought-after "Best New Music" tag, giving the album an 8.6 on its 10-point scale. As for the review itself? It's loving enough, namedropping some pretty heavy hitters--LCD Soundsystem, Daft Punk, Kevin Shields, Atlas Sound--just to make its point.

Funny, though, that among all those names (even Hall & Oates gets a reference), one is blatantly missing: Todd Rundgren. After all, two of Psych Chasms' tracks are based around Rundgren samples ("Deadbeat Summer" and "Terminally Chill"), so, y'know... there's that.

But, anyway, we digress...

A big congratulations to brainchild Alan Palomo and his barely (if ever) mentioned backing band of Jason Faries, Ronnie Gierhart and Leanne Macomber. And a big congratulations, too, for getting pimped out, oddly enough, on ABC News (which, granted, is working with Pitchfork), as the folks at WeShotJR pointed out yesterday.

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