Pitchfork Reviews The New Year's The New Year...

Los Bros. Kadane...and friends...The New Year. (Allison Smith)

...and gives the band's new disc (we reviewed it last week...and we gave you a free mp3...so there) a very respectable 7.5 rating while saying some very nice things, like, "what continues to set them apart is the way they put these pieces together, and how they use their average, everyman voices to demonstrate how complicated average struggles are."



Anyway, the funniest thing about this--to me, at least--is that Pitchfork gave Centro-matic's Dual Hawks a 6.9 rating back in June, and Centro's Will Johnson (who, by the way, received a nice little profile from our sister paper in Denver last week) is going to be playing guitar with the Kadanes on The New Year's upcoming tour.

For the record, I agree that The New Year's disc is slightly better than Dual Hawks....but do you think they're gonna be talking about their 0.6 ratings difference, like, all the time on tour? We can only hope! Oh, boy, can we! --Pete Freedman

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