Play-N-Skillz Lawsuit Be Damned, Dorrough's Still Making Fire, Collaborating with Lil Wayne

It's no surprise that basketball is reigning king around town these days -- a fact clearly not lost on Dallas rapper Dorrough, who, in the wake of the Mavericks clinching a trip to the NBA Finals in late May, released a Mavericks-centric version of his new single, "Bounce Dat."

This week, the former Lancaster High basketball standout further hopped on the hoop train, releasing a music video for the original version of the same song. Yes, the clip features Dorrough playing basketball. Yes, it features him doing so against scantily clad women -- the "Dallas Dimes," he calls them. And, actually, the song's not too bad, with its repetitive, sample-based beat and shout-outs to area gentleman's clubs like Club Onyx.

It's just not as good as this song from the rapper that we stumbled upon this morning. Released back in March to little fanfare, the Young Balla-produced track finds Dorrough collaborating with Lil Wayne. Maybe not the best of decisions, as Play-N-Skillz and their lawsuit can surely argue.

Still, the song's pretty amazing. Download it after the jump.

Bonus MP3:

Dorrough Featuring. Lil Wayne - "Fire Up"

Dorrough Featuring. Lil Wayne - "Fire Up"


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