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Play-N-Skillz To Produce Again For Lil Wayne: Duo Confirms That Tha Carter IV Will Feature Wayne, T-Pain Collaboration Over Their Beat.

Dallas-based hip-hop super-producers Play-N-Skillz have wasted no time making good use of their G4 Muzik label's freshly created blog. Over the past few weeks, they've shared some new music, revealed that they're shooting a music video with Bun B in town today, and, well, revealed some even bigger news, too.

Most notably, the duo announced earlier this week o their blog that, during a recent trip to Miami, they confirmed that they'll once again be hooking up with T-Pain and Lil Wayne for a track. Their last effort for the collaborators, "Got Money," won them a Grammy, you no doubt recall. But it also came with some concerns -- namely, that the duo never got paid for their production efforts. Oh well: It appears bygones are bygones in this case.

And why not? Working with Wayne has worked out well for the Brothers Salinas in the past -- even if, these days, the twosome may be setting their sights even higher.

Also earlier this week, the duo released a remix of Kanye West's "All Of The Lights." It's not too different from the original -- but it definitely ups the dance elements of it. We're not yet sure how we feel about the remix -- the original was pretty much perfect as is. But, nonetheless, you can give the Play-N-Skillz version a listen and download after the jump.

Bonus MP3:

Kanye West -- "All Of The Lights (Play-N-Skillz Dance Remix)"

Kanye West -- "All Of The Lights (Play-N-Skillz Dance Remix)"

Where's the airhorn sound when you need it.

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