Play-N-Skillz's First Signee, Inertia, Releases His First Play-N-Skillz Produced Track

It was back in September when the news broke that local, Grammy-winning hip-hop production duo Play-N-Skillz was launching its own label, G4 Muzik, and getting things started by signing fast-rapping local Inertia (pictured right).

Well, it seems things are moving swimmingly along in Play-N-Skillz and Inertia's plans. Last week, Inertia released his first Play-N-Skillz produced track, a slow jam called "Body" that finds Inertia using his Twista-like flow to fine ends. Actually, it's kind of like a low-calorie version of Twista's collaborative effort with Kanye West and Jamie Foxx on, fittingly enough, "Slow Jamz."

On his take, Inertia's not exactly pulling punches. He likes a certain lady's body--wants to see it, wants to touch it, wants to squeeze it, etc--and he gets some help on the hook from 112's high-voiced crooner, Slim.

Anyway, check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Inertia (feat. Slim) -- "Body"

Inertia (feat. Slim) -- "Body"

Not the best track we've ever heard. But certainly not the worst, either. And, though it's similar to flows we've heard before, it's tough not to be at least a little impressed by Inertia's fast-paced rhyming style.

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