Poster of the Week: A Parade of Flesh Chrismukkah Tonight at The Cavern

Because the season's about more than the birth of your lord and savior...

This design, from semi-regular Parade of Flesh designer James Heimer, might not be the most complicated or far-fetched design we've ever featured, but, hey, it still works, thanks to its smart embrace of seasonal symbology.

Yes, all the standard symbols are present -- the nature represented within the poster's title typography, the tree itself, the ornamental decorations, and even in the subtitle type, which comes across looking like seasonal string beads. But, fittingly, it still embraces the dark nature that looms over all PoF shows with the black background, the creepy faces in the ornaments and the skull that replaces the normal star at the tree's top.

Yeah, it's pretty simple. But that, actually, was Heimer's aim on this three-color design: "I usually manipulate the shit out of my collage pieces," he writes on his blog, "but it was kind of fun to leave them in their chunky halftone glory."

Think your poster is better? Want to see one of your designs get honored next week?That won't be easy -- our inbox is already been flooded with some amazing New Year's Eve-focused designs.

But, hey, go ahead and try anyway, and drop us an email with an image promoting an upcoming show right here. Oh, and, when possible, be sure to do so at least a week in advance of the show. Thanks!

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Pete Freedman
Contact: Pete Freedman