Poster Of The Week: Brutal Juice, The Boom Boom Box, Saboteur at Club Dada Friday

North Of The Dial seems to have mixed feelings about the idea of a band as rowdy and raucous as Brutal Juice doing something as conventional as reunion shows. But there's no question in my mind about the poster for tomorrow night's show (with The Boom Boom Box, Saboteur, Chameleon Chamber Group and late addition Blixaboy) at Club Dada: it's bad-ass.

I love how the lettering has a distinctively Texan look, which contrasts with the tentacles and eerie guy in the suit. I'm still waiting to find out who designed it, but will update when I find out.

Update: As pointed out by commenters, the artwork is from Ben Templesmith's comic book series Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. And, according to his Twitter, it was used without permission, which he is not very happy about.

"It's called theft. I have less of a problem with pirating my work than ripping off images for ppl's business events without asking," he tweeted.

Unfortunately, I was not familiar with Templesmith's work and didn't recognize it. I sent a message to promoter Scott Beggs asking who created the poster, but haven't heard back yet.

Update 2: Just heard back from Beggs: "It was Russell Turns using stolen art. It kicked ass though, huh?" Also, Templesmith asked that we provide links to his website and the gallery from which the stolen image originated. They're already posted in the comments, but in case there's anyone who didn't catch them, here they are: Ben Templesmith. The original image.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.