Poster Of The Week: ¡CINCO de CHA-CHA! with Bridges & Blinking Lights, Heart Eyes Open, The Boom Boom Box, Cocky Americans at The Double Wide Tonight


Esta cartel es muy magnifico... er, sorry, I mean, this poster is very magnificent!

It's Chelsea Callahan's birthday, and with it comes another fabuloso poster for "Cha-Cha's 6th Annual Rock-n-Roll For Charity Gala." Designed for the second year in a row by John Vineyard (of the band El Gato, who now lives in San Diego), this poster deserves to be plastered all over town with a fresh batch of home-made wheat paste, true to the classic street-bill adhesion method this style references so well.

The strong iconic matador image encased in chunky blocks of type makes for easy viewing from a distance. This visual technique is key for such event posters announcing such action-packed events where giant beasts (or in this case, brisket tacos) are battled to the death by a lone vato in a fancy outfit. A simple three-color palette (you can't go wrong with red, black and yellow, nature's most "dangerous" hues) makes us know without a doubt that there will indeed be "¡MUCHO FIESTA!" tonight at the Double Wide.

Continue sending your submissions to gigposters@dallasobserver.com! Don't forget to include the artist/designer's name and info for proper credit, and please try to send it in at least a week in advance. Until next week.... ¡Salud!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.