Poster of the Week: Darstar, The Phuss and The Skeevs and Lola's Saloon Tonight in Fort Worth

White space. It's a beautiful thing.

And it's the big visual standout in this winning design that promotes a show tonight at Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth. The poster comes from the folks in the Dallas band Darstar, who are headlining this bill and, far as I can tell, named their band after the character in the movie Solarbabies that was played by the guy who went on to become Nathan on Heroes.

An aside: Who knew Solarbabies was such a big deal in the Dallas music scene? Aside from apparently being the inspiration for this band's name, the movie was also used to provide the footage for Ishi's "Pastel Lights" video back in '09. Kinda interesting, maybe.

What's definitely interesting, though, is that, color-wise, this Darstar design is superbly simple -- just a two-color design featuring different shades of blue. And it's a looker, too, with the chandelier hanging from the top of the page, right by the whited-out band name lettering, and shining a light down through an apparently dark room and onto... a lobster? Sure, why not?

No, this poster really doesn't make much sense. I'm not altogether sure what a chandelier or a lobster has to do with Darstar, or even the other bands on the bill, The Phuss and The Skeeves. But it looks nice. And it has all the pertinent show info. So maybe that's all that matters.

In this case, yes, that's true. And, as such, congratulations are in order. It's eye-catcher, to be sure.

Think your poster is better than this one? Want to see one of your designs get honored next week? Drop us an email with an image promoting an upcoming show right here. Cool? Cool. Thanks!

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Pete Freedman
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