Poster of the Week: DayBowBow Shows At The Cavern Friday And Saturday

OK, maybe it's just because I'm all fired up for a day off tomorrow, followed by sweet victory and fireworks on Saturday. But I've really enjoyed this clever flyer by DayBowBow art director Blaire Grady. Apparently, so did DayBowBow readers, as it was the readers choice of a few different mock-ups created by Grady. Well, mostly--the final version is a bit different, but it's a winning idea nonetheless, a slapdash merging of two iconic symbols of patriotism: the U.S. flag and the Declaration of Independence. Even the proudest 'merican could appreciate this ridiculous and tongue-in-cheek flyer.

The multi-tasking poster advertises two upcoming shows at The Cavern in Dallas. Tomorrow night, singer/songwriter/pianist Iris Leu headlines with a full band. I get a late card on writing about Leu, who dropped off her Hushaboo CD when it dropped back in February. Not all of it is up my alley, but a few songs caught my ear, particularly the slow-building opener "For Keeps." Hard to believe such a friendly, bubbly young woman is so intense on CD. Matthew Gray Delves Into Pot or whatever his side project is called, Jason Reimer (not "Remier") of History At Our Disposal and St. Philistine round out an excellent bill of quirky folk and acoustic pop.

Saturday's bill is a bit more rock-centric, despite the headlining folkies of Western Giants, as psychedelic drone-rockers Touch Tongues (the renamed Street Hassle), rootsy and soulful rockers Manned Missiles and the strangely enjoyable synthesis of jazz, twang and rock that characterizes Disco:Hate will be the supporting act.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.