Poster Of The Week: Emily Elbert & Michael Tillman, Tomorrow Night at The Kessler

This week's poster gives us the warm fuzzies--which is perfect for a poster promoting a show at the new Kessler Theater, whose multiple intimate performance areas can provide the warmth and fuzz this poster portrays, just as I'm sure the performers do.

And if they can play the guitar in the same flip-flopped face-card fashion their poster demonstrates, I would be really impressed.

Brought to us, once again, by Magnificent Beard, this piece pays a nice nod to the content of tomorrow night's bill of young solo musicians, both acoustic axe-slingers, both well-versed in their craft, just like the duo who produces these great pieces.

When it comes to Matt Brinker and Conor Hill's work, we're used to more frenetic, energy-filled posters, whether in content or color, or sheer overall composition. This particular poster dials it all down (appropriately for an acoustic gig), and continues to play off the duality of the gig itself with the Escher-like visual paradox, like one hand drawing the other.

Additionally, simple clever banners carry the information at opposite corners, providing both a visual and informational balance. Plus, there's the fact that you've gotta love how this poster can never be upside down--although I'm sure Emily and Michael might have opposing thoughts on that argument.

I would love to see this piece silk-screened (as I'm sure it will be if the Beard has anything to do with it). It would only add to the warmth and craft that emanates from this poster, and besides, it's so damn cute as it is clever. Nice.

Keep sending in your work, please--and if you see something out there you think deserves to be spot-lighted, send it in yourself. If you don't know who did it, maybe we can find out for everyone.

Who ever you are, what ever you do, send us your gig posters here!

Until next time...

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