Poster of the Week: Eyes Wings And Many Other Things, Diamond Age and H...N At The Nightmare Tonight

Haven't heard back yet from Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things about who created this beautiful showbill yet, but I'm guessing it's from someone in the band, as many of their posters have a similar aesthetic. The hazy, shimmery colors in the background and the retro font give it a nice psychedelic '60s feel that complements the band's sound. Though they look nothing alike, the pink cloud kind of reminds me of the pink smoke on the cover of Velvet Underground's Loaded.

Poster aside, this should be a great show tonight at The Nightmare (2810 Elm St., the former Lounge on Elm location). Opening are two very intriguing experimental acts, Diamond Age and h...n. The latter act, in case you didn't want to look uncool by saying it wrong, is pronounced "Hellipsis-N," though "H Dot Dot Dot N" is also acceptable.

Update: Just heard back from Sean French from the band. The poster artist is Marjorie Owens, who is not a band member but does most of the group's posters and artwork. 

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