Poster Of The Week: Gutterth Live Episode XL with Shiny Around The Edges, Drink To Victory, Kampfgrounds & Picc Line at Hailey's on Saturday

Alright team, let's huddle: I know I've been away for a little while, but I'm back, and ready to make this week's pick for DC9's Poster of the Week. So let's not waste any time, OK? Ready... BREAK!

That's about as sporty as I can get, folks--and it's quite the antithesis of this week's selection, brought to us by the folks at Gutterth Productions. Designed by Brent Frishman, this piece lives comfortably within the aesthetic we've come to expect from Gutterth: organic, imperfect, sincere, and at times, rustic.

In other words, quite beautiful. For the full breakdown, let's go after the jump.

Visceral to say the least, this piece borrows from both the institution of found objects/images and the resurgent lo-fi trend of imperfect type, whether also found (potentially) or intentionally created to appear less-than-digital. Juxtaposing these two modes (a turn-of-the-century sepia-toned mustachioed portrait and the modern-yet-obsolete hand-pressed plastic labels) evokes the craftiness and, shall I say "mystery" that seems to rise to the surface.

The placement and color choice of the type is perfectly askew and haphazard enough to maintain the aforementioned mystery. But separating the band names from the other information--namely, the gentleman's magnificent crumb-catcher--actually highlights the information itself. (You will at least remember that this show is going down January 23--I guarantee that.) The inclusion of Gutterth's insect mark doesn't even take away from the overall piece, but acts as a nice little detail, bringing the whole look full-circle.

Keep sending your submissions, folks--you know the drill, send 'em [email protected]'s way--and don't forget to let us know who designed the poster and any other background info you wish to include. See you next week.

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