Poster Of The Week: Half Handed Cloud with Little Birds and Younger Sons at Dan's Silverleaf Tonight

As far as sheer design deliciousness goes, this poster is truly above and beyond...

Beautifully designed by "the menchildren" Conor and Matt of Magnificent Beard, this poster begs to be framed and hung in any jet-setting rocket-scientist's den.

The extra tall orientation provides the vast expanse that a heavenly cross-section can hang in display. It's a great visual element juxtaposition, too, using the wood grain as the flesh of a lonely planet. And it's good to see that our solemn satellite remains intact, faithfully orbiting above, as well. Meanwhile, the phenomenal type handling of a retroactive serif font respectfully labels the piece without being a nuisance.

I really love this one folks. A poster like this done with such mastery and care ought to indicate the same sensibility in the performers it heralds.

And to be fair, I know the above link to the mysterious Magnificent Beard leads to something of a dead-end disappointment (in that, uh, there's just a splash page there and nothing more), but I was able to find this Flickr set of beardly magnificence, complete with a set of other gig posters.

Great stuff all around.

But that's not all this week. After the jump, some other honorable mentions...

Receiving an honorable mention nod this week is this poster for Off With Their Heads! with Smalltown, The Dangits & Responsible Johnny at The Lounge On Elm St., Saturday November 7...

Color me a bit biased (mega bonus points for the inclusion of a Bettie Page illustration!), but this poster is pretty fun. The cool hue of the neutralized blue gives this typographically tongue-in-cheek poster the sophistication that elevates it from what some might consider "just another show flyer" to something that goes beyond just sheer nostalgia. At first glance, you might not think the type is a font, but illustrated for the piece (since usually hand-styled fonts and other novelty fonts are pretty easy to spot in the wild), but due to the nice handling of the hierarchy of information, plus the use of typography in the background (using the same font as a design element), it sneaks by unnoticed. (Bettie dangling there doesn't hurt either...)

Keep sending your submissions to [email protected]! Don't forget to include the artist/designer's name and info for proper credit, and try to send it in at least a week in advance. Until next week....

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