Poster Of The Week: Johnny Lloyd Rollins At The Double-Wide

This poster, promoting Friday's Johnny Lloyd Rollins/Bridges and Blinking Lights/RTB2 show at The Double-Wide, looks a lot like is the work of two-time Poster of the Week recipient Dave Perry of Method Entertainment. Which would make sense, as Method's John Solis is used to be Rollins' drummer. Somehow the fact that the woman has an anatomical sketch rendering of a human hand instead of a normal lower body looks more beautiful than creepy. I like the script used for Rollins' name, too.

I'll update when I know for sure. --Jesse Hughey

Update: From John Solis...

Yes, it was done by Method's graphics guy Mr. Dave Perry.  It was originally going to be the poster for The New Frontiers last show but TNF decided to go with the guy that did their album cover instead.

Btw, it has been quite sometime since I played with JLR but we are still good friends.  Josh Hoover is JLR's drummer.  Josh also plays with Sunward, Fate Lions and use to play with Chemistry Set.  Awesome guy!

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