Poster of the Week: Les Americains At The Prophet Bar Thursday

The Prophet Bar will be really busy for Thursday's New Year's Eve show, with free beer, free Champagne and a dozen bands including Jeremy Megert, Hats And Statues, Michael Grey, Jacob Metcalf and more all playing the Big Room, plus more in the bar.

Among those bar bands is Les Americains. The Americans will share the stage with Living With The Ghost, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Without A Face. But why clutter up a rad poster with superfluous info like supporting band names? All you need to know is it's New Year's Eve, Les Americains play, there are 12 bands and there's free beer and bubbly (well, free with the $10 admission).

I like how the single firework explosion--almost as universal a symbol of NYE as an ejaculating Champagne bottle, but not so overused--is depicted in muted, cool colors rather than a bright, high-contrast burst. A nice change, and it's in keeping with the style of past Les Americains posters.

Haven't heard back from the band yet, but I'd wager this is the work of the band's own Robert Lee, a multiple Poster of the Week designer

Thanks to all who sent posters, and keep 'em coming.

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Jesse Hughey
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