Poster Of The Week: Les Americains; The Push; and Heart, Eyes, Open At Club Dada Tonight

Whenever someone uses the term "happy pill," I normally think of antidepressants or narcotic painkillers. But the designer of this poster, proud Americain Robert Lee, seems to have taken the term literally. The poster promotes tonight's Club Dada bill of Les Americains; The Push (featuring Polyphonic Spree guitarist Ryan Fitzgerald); and Heart, Eyes, Open. That is a three-band lineup, by the way; Heart, Eyes, Open is a single band with a name that just might be the most pointlessly over-comma'd moniker since Surfer, Dude. But the pretty shoegaze pop of Eric Martin's post-Hi Fi Drowning project more than makes up for the awkward typesetting.

This was a tough choice, as it was a good week for posters. The RedHeaded Stranglers Friday gig at AllGood Cafe, the Metal Rouge show at the Metrognome's Firehouse Gallery Friday and the Lash Outs show at July Alley Saturday all had great flyers, too. But something about the cool blues and clean font on this one put me in a happy place. Or maybe it's just the pills.

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